Beckville’s varsity boys and girls will compete in the 21AA-22AA Area Meet on Wednesday at Beckville ISD.

Girls advancing to area include Hannah Sharpless, Amber Harris, Lexi Barr and Abby Smith in the 400 meter relay and the 800 meter relay; Evelyn Jackson in the 800 run; Kiara Willis in the 100 meter dash; Evelyn Jackson and Emily Tate in the 400 meter dash; Hannah Sharpless in the 200 meter dash; Abby Smith, Amber Harris, Lexi Barr and Evelyn Jackson in the 1600 meter relay; Lexi Barr in the long jump; Hannah Sharpless in the triple jump; Amber Harris in the high jump; and Lexi Barr in pole vault.

Boys advancing to area include Keyon Lewis, Ryan Harris, Matt Barr and Karter Jones in the 400 meter relay; Jae’Dyn Slaughter in the 800 run; Harley Seaman in the 110 meter hurdle; Keyon Lewis in the 100 meter dash; Milo Morrison, J’Koby Williams, Matt Barr and Jeremiah Steph in the 800 meter relay; Ryan Harris in the 400 meter dash; J’Koby Williams in the 300 meter hurdle; Milo Morrison in the 200 meter dash; J’Koby Williams, Milo Morrison, Karter Jones and Ryan Harris in the 1600 meter relay; J’Koby Williams in the long jump; Ryan Harris in the triple jump; Ryan Harris in the high jump; and Jeremiah Steph in pole vault.


At Union Grove


Team standings: Hawkins 222, Beckville 127.5, Union Grove 117.5, Big Sandy 84, Carlisle 38, Overton 23

Individual results

100 meters: L. Posey, Hawkins 13.33; M. Francis, Big Sandy 13.35; V. Miller, Hawkins 13.66; K. Willis, Beckville 14.24

200 meters: M. Francis, Big Sandy 27.52; L. Posey, Hawkins 27.68; V. Miller, Hawkins 28.63; H. Sharpless, Beckville 28.72

400 meters: L. Jaco, Hawkins 1:04.60; E. Jackson, Beckville 1:04.78; L. Allison, Overton 1:07.50; E. Tate, Beckville 1:07.67

800 meters: J. Warren, Hawkins 2:37.59; E. Jackson, Beckville 2:46.28; G. Stanford, Union Grove 2:46.90; A. Jones, Union Grove 2:50.16

1600 meters: J. Warren, Hawkins 5:51.86; G. Stanford, Union Grove 6:10.64; S. Pyle, Union Grove 6:19.50; D. Blavier, Big Sandy 6:41.44

3200 meters: J. Warren, Hawkins 13:10.95; G. Stanford, Union Grove 13:22.42; S. Pyle, Union Grove 13:46.81; D. Blavier, Big Sandy 15:32.43

100 hurdles: Z. Messick, Big Sandy 16.55; C. Turner, Hawkins 17.38; T. Conde, Hawkins 18.17; L. Dacus, Hawkins 18.27

300 hurdles: Z. Messick, Big Sandy 44.06; C. Turner, Hawkins 50.42; T. Conde, Hawkins 53.40; S. Coleman, Union Grove 56.19

400 relay: Beckville (H. Sharpless, A. Harris, L. Barr, A. Smith) 51.86; Hawkins 52.74; Union Grove 53.61; Carlisle 55.38

800 relay: Beckville (H. Sharpless, A. Harris, L. Barr, A. Smith) 1:50.22; Union Grove 1:53.77; Carlisle 2:00.21; Hawkins 2:01.99

1600 relay: Beckville (A. Smith, A. Harris, L. Barr, E. Jackson) 4:21.40; Hawkins 4:29.74; Union Grove 4:42.01; Carlisle 4:47.90

Long jump: L. Posey, Hawkins 15-9; L. Barr, Beckville 15-5; M. Alston, Union Grove 14-11.50; M. Francis, Big Sandy 14-9

Shot put: M. Tarkington, Overton 31-2.75; L. Jaco, Hawkins 31-2; J. Moungle, Hawkins 29-9.50; H. Warrick, Hawkins 29-5.50

Discus: M. Jaco, Hawkins 100-4.50; M. Roberts, Union Grove 92-4.50; J. Moungle, Hawkins 86-11; A. Effner, Carlisle 81-6.50

Triple jump: L. Posey,Hawkins 34-9.50; M. Francis, Big Sandy 33-2.25; H. Sharpless, Beckville 33-2; C. Turner, Hawkins 31-7

High jump: A. Harris, Beckville 5-0; S. Coleman, Union Grove 4-6; M. Jaco, Hawkins 4-2; M. Warren, Hawkins 4-0

Pole vault: C. Minter, Big Sandy 9-6; Z. Messick, Big Sandy 9-0; B. Clowers, Union Grove 7-0; L. Barr, Beckville 7-0


Team standings: Union Grove 188, Beckville 151, Hawkins 97, Carlisle 87, Big Sandy 67, Overton 16

Individual results

100 meters: K. Lewis, Beckville 11.62; P. Kelley, Big Sandy 11.64; A. Oliveros, Carlisle 11.91; C. deLeon, Carlisle 11.95

200 meters: A. Woodard, Union Grove 22.89; M. Morrison, Beckville 23.38; P. Kelley, Big Sandy 23.50; B. Roland, Carlisle 23.57

400 meters: A. Woodard, Union Grove 52.03; R. Harris, Beckville 52.44; J. Brown, Overton 52.46; S. Fernandez, Union Grove 53.21

800 meters: K. Burns, Union Grove 2:06.07; J. Slaughter, Beckville 2:06.36; S. Fernandez, Union Grove 2:07.49; D. Arden, Union Grove 2:11.02

1600 meters: K. Burns, Union Grove 4:55.87; T. Gwin, Hawkins 5:08.24; B. Fuller, Union Grove 5:12.17; S. Crane, Hawkins 5:22.40

3200 meters: K. Burns, Union Grove 11:27.01; T. Gwin, Hawkins 11:31.20; D. Fonteno, Big Sandy 11:32.02; S. Crane, Hawkins 11:45.05

110 hurdles: G. Barnett, Union Grove 16.69; C. Mead, Union Grove 17.32; H. Seaman, Beckville 18.43; A. Hernandez, Carlisle 18.61

300 hurdles: C. Mead, Union Grove 42.24; J. Williams, Beckville 42.25; G. Barnett, Union Grove 43.11; H. Seaman, Beckville 46.09

400 relay: Beckville (K. Lewis, R. Harris, M. Barr, K. Jones) 4.35; Carlisle 45.93; Hawkins 46.19; Union Grove 46.86

800 relay: Beckville (M. Morrison, J. Williams, M. Barr, J. Steph) 1:34.39; Carlisle 1:37.87; Hawkins 1:37.98; Union Grove 1:41.05

1600 relay: Beckville (J. Williams, M. Morrison, K. Jones, R. Harris) 3:29.62; Union Grove 3:34.38; Hawkins 3:38.60; Carlisle 3:54.98

Long jump: A. Woodard, Union Grove 21-4.50; J. Williams, Beckville 21-0.25; P. Kelley, Big Sandy 20-11.50; B. Roland, Carlisle 19-10

Shot put: M. Jitjaeng, Big Sandy 54-7; J. Hester, Hawkins 43-1.25; K. Johnson, Union Grove 42-8.5; Z. Conde, Hawkins 40-4.50

Discus: M. Jitjaeng, Big Sandy 185-5; J. Hester, Hawkins 125-7; J. Fenwick, Big Sandy 115-3; B. Moore, Union Grove 112-4

Triple jump: A. Woodard, Union Grove 42-6; C. Hart, Carlisle 41-4; R. Harris, Beckville 40-8; C. Mead, Union Grove 39-8

High jump: J. Dezelle, Big Sandy 6-5; R. Harris, Beckville 6-0; C. Hart, Carlisle 5-8; P. Kelley, Big Sandy 5-6

Pole vault: J. Steph, Beckville 11-0; D. Dacus, Hawkins 10-6; G. Barnett, Union Grove 9-6; L. Turner, Union Grove 9-6

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