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Members of the Carthage and Marshall Karate teams pose with all the hardware they’ve won of late at various competitions. Pictured are (sitting, from left) Marco Hernandez, Arantza Hernandez, Tristan Mendez, Grant Baker, Abby Collins, Allison Hernandezm Reid Straubie and Johnny Santana, (standing, from left) Larry Hernandez, Torunn Roberts, Mister Givens, Ethan Kimberly, Abraham Santana, Destiny Wade, Kevin Waldrop, Gene Riggs, Aaron Williams, Jose Santana, Maggie Moore, Dane Straubbie, Griffin Jones, April Mota and Bryce Fulsom.

Carthage and Marshall Karate Students recently traveled to Montgomery, Texas for the Region 6 Karate Tournament in June and then went on to the Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Nationals in Portland, Oregon in July.

In Sparring Team, Black Belts 12-17, the team of Carthage students Destiny Wade and Jose Santana, Henderson’s Kyle Pace Jr. and Montgomery students Robbie Ackerley and Leighanna Edwards took second place.

Also the black belt Demo team of Wade and Santana, as well as Marshall’s Griffin Jones and Austin McKinney took first place. Then the black belt team form 12-17 of Santana, Wade and Jones took second place.

At the Regional Tournament in Montgomery, Dan (black belts) 12-17, Destiny Wade was sparring third; forms 2nd and Team Forms first. Team Demo first Aaron Williams sparring first, forms first, Team Forms first. Team Demo First Abraham Santana sparring second, forms third, Team Forms first.

Team Demo first and Youth Dan (black belt) under 12 sparring first Forms first team forms first, Team Demo First, Men red belt Kevin Waldrop sparring third, forms second. Team forms, Red Belt Youth Torunn Roberts, sparring first. Forms first Ethan Kimberly, first forms, sparring second. Orange Belts Maggie Moore, sparring first forms. Mister Givens, sparring third. Sparring second, Grant Baker, third forms.

At Nationals, Dans (Black Belts) — Jose Santana, sparring first, forms second, Team Demo first; Team Form fourth; Sparring second. Destiny Wade — Team Demo First; Team Form fourth, Team sparring second. Griffin Jones Forms third; Team Demo first, Team Form fourth.

Red Belt (7-9) Bryce Fulsom — Sparring third, Forms fourth.