Scott Ford

Elysian Fields coach Scott Ford will conduct his first football practice of the season early Monday morning.

Monday will be the start of football practice for many high school teams across Texas, and the Elysian Fields Yellow Jackets will be on the field bright and early.

“The coaches will meet at about 4:30 a.m. and then we’ll practice from 5:30 a.m. until about 8:30,” Elysian Fields Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Scott Ford said. “The coaches have in service and all that, and I don’t want to keep them out until 10 at night. I want to get the kids out early and get them in the routine of getting up early because school starts on Aug. 12.

“The first day we’ll have the kids take a conditioning test to make sure they’re physically fit, in our eyes to play,” Ford continued. “Those who aren’t physically fit, we’ll work on getting them fit to play. Luckily, about 90 percent of our varsity football team has been conditioning all summer and will be in good shape.”

Ford added they’re excited for the start of a new season.

“Oh yeah, we’re ready,” he said. “We just got out of a meeting. We’ve had a good summer and I was able to hire some experienced coaches, some guys who have been part of winning and they get the big picture. There’s no duty of a coach that’s not important enough and these guys understand that. I’m excited to get to work with them and to coach this group of seniors. They’ll be the first group I’ve had since seventh grade. There are only five of them but I love them.”