The coronavirus has been with us for more than six months, cancelling things left and right and making things miserable for just about everyone.

There was no March Madness nor a College World Series in either baseball or softball. High school programs were shut down almost between pitches, while Little League and Dixie Leagues played an abbreviated season at best with no all-stars and no World Series.

Girls softball fared no better.

Now conferences pushed back the start of the fall sports season, while others decided to play a conference-only schedule. There also were those that canceled football, while some individual schools dropped sports all together. The junior colleges went so far as to vote to play football and their other fall sports in the spring.

There appeared to be a light at the end of the tunnel as MLB went into its summer camp to get ready for a 60-game season; the NBA went under its “Bubble” and is supposed to start this week as it attempt to finish its season; and after a lot of negotiating, the NFL players have reported to their training camps.

But then the Miami Marlins happened.

Since Friday they have had 17 players tested positive for COVID-19, causing its games Monday and Tuesday against the Orioles to be postponed, as well as Philadelphia’s games against the Yankees as they were being quarantined at home.

There are several different ideas floating around about what MLB should do next.

One is the Marlins playing the Orioles Wednesday and Thursday in Baltimore and then traveling to Washington to play the Nats in a weekend series. The Washington players have already said they’re not going to Miami.

Another has the Yankees and Orioles playing Wednesday and Thursday and the Marlins and the Phillies remaining under quarantine.

One more has the Marlins not playing until Monday and trying to make up games when they can.

Whatever is decided, the Marlins are going to have to call up quite a few players from their alternate-site location in Jupiter, Florida.

The question now is do the other two major sports have a better plan and will they learn from what baseball has done?

We will soon see about the NBA, but we’ll have to wait awhile to see if the NFL can make it work.