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Jace Lindsay (left) and Jaxon Evans of Beckville display their catch at one of the Deep East Texas High School Fishing Series events. The pair were Anglers of the Year and have qualified for the BASS Master National High School Championship on October on Lake Kentucky in Paris, Tennessee.

Beckville’s Jace Lindsay and Jaxon Evans appear to have the right formula for winning.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

It’s served them well so far this year as they are the Deep East Texas High School Fishing Series Anglers of the Year.

That gives them a shot at BASS Master High School National Championships on Kentucky Lake in Paris, Tennessee, in late October.

While that ultimate goal is pretty big, the pair doesn’t seem like they are surprised they’ve gotten as far as the have.

Although this is their first year as teammates on a boat, this is far from the first time the two 17-year-olds have been fishing.

“I’ve been doing this for about as long as I can remember,” Evans said. “I fished in another series, but I like the way this series is run much better.”

“I can’t remember ever not fishing,” Lindsay echoed. “And I fished in tournaments before. But I was always just fishing alone. This is my first year fishing with a partner.”

They found out early they got a long well as teammates, and then it was a question of practice.

The DETX Series is run out of Jackson Hill Park Marina on Lake Sam Rayburn and the two Bearcats spent a lot of time on that lake.


“We went out and practiced a lot,” Evans said. “Trying to find different spots where they were biting. What they were biting and just what was working best.”

“Soft plastic,” according to Lindsay, is what they are biting on.

Lindsay-Evans won the season opener by more than a pound over a team from Lake Houston Elite, but their results from the November qualifier were thrown out as they finished well back in the pack at 30th — only the top five results from the qualifiers are used.

But they followed those up with an eighth-place finish, two fifth-place finishes and a third-place finish.

Practice came up big for them during one of the early spring events as a cold front blew in and they didn’t have any fish as weigh-in time was fast approaching.

“We didn’t have anything and time was running out,” Lindsay said. “We went to a place we’d had good luck before and I think with an hour left, we caught five to keep us in it. We ended up winning (advancing) by 1/100s of an ounce.”

The way 2020 has gone so far with the coronavirus, the championship was put off a month, and the competition was very low-key with only contestants and officials on the lake, and there wasn’t a real trophy presentation,

In fact, the duo are still waiting to get their trophies in the mail.

They didn’t act like it bothered them any. In fact, from the way they act, they know they have accomplished something special, but they don’t appear to be satisfied.

That’s because they still have their sites set on the BASS Masters National Tournament Oct. 22-24.

“We’re just a couple guys from Beckville who are out here representing our school,” Evans said. “We’re both fishing pretty good and this is where we want to be.”

“I didn’t come here to lose,” Lindsay said.

When they aren’t fishing, Lindsay competes in powerlifting for the Bearcats and Evans runs track.

But with school wrapping up, the duo plan on making several trip to Lake Kentucky.

And get in lot of practice.