We trust many things in life even without thinking! A few examples of what we take for granted — sunrise, time, traffic lights, signs, locks, fences, food labels, weather forecasts, instructions, brakes, animals and more. When it comes to humans, who, or whom, can I trust? Trust is vital to basic relationships in life! It’s one of the building blocks of family, marriage, business, education, of succeeding in life. Are you trustworthy? Reliable, fair? Do you earn people’s trust, confidence?

To verify means to “make sure of, or demonstrate that something is true, accurate, or justified.” President Reagan said, “Trust but verify!” According to some, he was quoting a Russian proverb. Reagan used this phrase in discussions with the Soviet Union.

Should I trust a Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut who claimed repeatedly that he served in Vietnam when he never set foot in that country? Or Hillary Clinton who claimed she and her group took on enemy fire in Bosnia? It’s been verified that what she “took on” in Bosnia were flowers from young girls! Brian Williams of NBC claimed his helicopter was hit by an RPG in Iraq and forced down. What a trustworthy national news anchor! For years, Elizabeth Warren has identified herself as Native American but had to apologize for “harm caused” by her claim. However, she’s up in the polls in her efforts to become president of this country. Do some just refuse to “verify?” And then there’s Joe Biden who says, “I’ve done nothing wrong, nor has Hunter!” Should we trust such abuse of power? Time and ink would fail me if I bring up Adam Schiff. If a liar’s pants are on fire, this “statesman” is down to his underwear. Do you trust a political party that is “abusing power” in ways never seen before? And, please help me verify the claim of “global warming,” or now it’s called “climate change!” Is it true, justified and based on evidence, or is it just a way to scare up votes?

Here’s one thing you don’t have to research: We are in a constitutional crisis, and it’s not because of President Donald Trump. He has made mistakes for sure, like “drawing a black line on a weather map” and saying “the hurricane could affect Alabama.” Wow! What an impeachable offence! Incidentally, weather people had earlier said the same thing. I can forgive Trump’s black line easier than I can forgive Obama ignoring his “red line!” Our president is trying by the hardest to do what he promised and was elected to do and that is doing what is best for America, which is also what’s best for our allies and the rest of this world. He has earned my trust, my support and my vote! Look at the alternative! As VP Pence just said, “President Trump stands for liberty!” Let’s stand with him!