“Tis the season” is how I ended the last “Things That Matter.” You know well which “season” I referred to. I may not remember all 82 I have lived through, but those I do I have loved ‘em all! All gone too quickly. I love the preparation, planning, the songs, sights, sounds, smells, surprises, memories, even the shopping, especially on Christmas Eve and the “all-night” wrappings. I thought I was excited as a kid over Christmas until our youth director in Memphis confessed that as a child he would get so excited opening gifts that his family knew to get him a large pan to upchuck in. I preached there for seven years, and as I didn’t want to chance it, I stayed away from Joe VanDyke during Christmas!

We do not know just when Jesus was born as the Bible doesn’t specify a date or a month. Better Bible students than I say that one can trace the time and events of the birth of John the Baptist, the activities of the shepherds tending the flocks the night of the birth of Jesus — as examples — of some of the methods of calculating when it happened. What I do know is that Jesus was born on our earth, “conceived by the Holy Spirit,” “born of a virgin,” “named Jesus who would save His people from their sins.”

I know that He divided history into two parts, that every event is now dated with reference to His coming, either before or after. His influence still dominates today. His power is to be dealt with by every person. Once we become seriously aware of this One Man, if we dare call him a man, you never can get Him out of your mind. He deserves more than a season. But, whether you think of Him for a minute, a day, a year, He deserves more! He deserves your all. He is not to be used as a curse word, as a swear word; He is not to be denied; He deserves to be honored, magnified, lifted up, loved and obeyed. Do you realize He loves you through every season of your life?

What about prayer? Is it only for a season? No, the Bible says, “Pray without ceasing.” And, “You have not because you ask not.” Who would want to pray only for a minute, a day, a season? What more does your Bible say about the power and privilege of speaking to the Almighty?

Does Jesus love the children, born and unborn, only for a season or for all their lives? They are a Life, not a “right” that some claim to have to abort, to murder, because their birth is not a convenient time. Each one is a living soul! The apostle Paul told Timothy to “Preach the word, to be ready in season and out of season...” meaning whether it’s convenient or not. May God bless Mark Dickson as he goes from city to city (including ours) to make them Sanctuary Cities For The Unborn. What a time, a season, to take a stand for the gift of life, for the helpless.

And, whether some people like it or not, the Bible says, “Therefore, I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence,” 1st Tim. 2:1,2. Did President Obama need your prayers when he was president? The president of today calls on us to use this great weapon of prayer to help him lead America in a world that is coming apart — from the inside out. President Trump needs our prayers, not impeachment. He’s not the only one needing prayer. May I recommend Adam Schiff, Gerry Nadler, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Buddy Bankhead, etc., or maybe we should just ask for a roll call.

The wise man said, “To everything there is a season. A time for every purpose under Heaven,” Ecclesiastes 3:1. He is saying that all events are in the hand of God. Consider these things that need to be held on to, practiced year ‘round, year long, from now on, season after season. See them in this season of giving and exchanging gifts as gifts from God who is the “giver of every good and perfect gift!” James 1:17.