My question is why for the third time is money being pulled from street repairs on South Adams. This street is being used by a lot of people in town. Everyone going to the ball park use South Adams Street; people going to the Civic Center use South Adams Street.

My second question is why is our school district not being responsible for part of the cost on these repairs? When Davis Street was rebuilt between Libby Elementary and Carthage Jr High, wasn’t the school responsible for that because of bus usage?

Buses travel up and down Adams Street four times daily during the school year. That’s 69 buses according to their website, with probably 75 percent of them using Adams Street, with an average gross weight of 25,000 pounds. That means 51 buses for 180 days a year use South Adams Street. That’s over 1.2 million pounds of weight, 180 days of the year traveling down a street that is built for residential use.

I mean isn’t that one of the reasons why over sized vehicles are not allowed on our city streets?

Those buses that don’t run city routes could go around the loop just like big trucks have too. They don’t have to come down South Adams, north from any campus to Cottage Street then to the loop, all which are built for that type of traffic.

—Darrell Williams, Carthage