The Carthage City Commission is set to discuss a proposed ordinance at its next meeting that would, chief among its points, outlaw abortion within the city limits. The measure was brought forth by anti-abortion advocates who say they want to keep abortion clinics from setting up shop should a clinic in Shreveport close its doors. This ordinance would not be enforceable unless the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, because that ruling prohibits total bans on abortion.

Here’s what you said when asked if it should be adopted:

I believe that the city commission should pass this ordinance. We should not allow the abortion clinic currently over in Shreveport, or any other clinic, move here. — Bridget Twomey

Opposed. 1. This isn’t even a real ordinance. The document states that no attempt at enforcement will occur until and unless the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey. 2. It could however lead to a real lawsuit. If, as mentioned above, the ACLU does file suit then the city of Carthage will be involved in litigation about an issue that it isn’t attempting to enforce. I sincerely doubt the group pushing this will show up with money to fund a legal defense. So to sum it up, this doesn’t actually prevent anything, but could get the city sued. — Tom Allison

I am in favor of the ordinance because I am pro-life. Even though it would be technically unenforceable, I don’t believe that it is a waste of time or resources because I believe that it would be representative of the feelings and beliefs shared by most of the residents here. — Robin Scott Robertson

I am opposed to this ordinance. This is not within the purview of a city commission. I would rather see our city commissioners figure out how to improve our streets and possibly find grant funds to build sidewalks linking Carthage Primary, Libby, Baker Koonce and the Junior High. — Teresa Cage Beasley

The government, on any level, should not get involved in this matter. To do so would be just more infringement on personal choice, not to mention civil liberties. No one’s personal and/or religious beliefs should be forced on others. Especially by the use, and possibly abuse, of the government. — Becky Austin

Get the devil out of Carthage and some hearts he has so obviously latched onto. Doesn’t matter why you think it should be voted on or not, it’s just a stand-up statement to tell the devil to leave our town. Praying for the blessings of God. — Elise Ritter

No abortion clinic — Maybe a drive-thru vasectomy place? They could just set up shop next to the Tobacco Barn. — Amy Zulko Borja

This is a waste of time and resources. — Latoya Berry

Do whatever has to be done to keep them from showing up here! — Jessica Moore Smith

Yes! Funny how people who believe in abortion are already born! People know the consequences, and no human life should pay for your mistakes or your responsibility. — Kimberly Jones

Yes we should pass this ordinance. It should have already been passed. — David Hudman

It’s a woman’s body and her right to choose! Not all the men (with one exception) on the Carthage City Commission board. — Onterio Sutton

Wow. I am surprised about all of these comments. We should never allow abortions in Panola County. — Jeff Dickerson

So are y’all going to ban emergency contraception just like Gary? Both our CVS and Wal-Mart sell it. I think Carthage should find something else to discuss! Nobody is going to open a abortion clinic in Carthage! — Suzie Blackshire

Wow. All I can say is murder is murder. All of you that are all for these abortions wouldn’t even be here if your mom felt the way you do! Y’all need to find God before you take your last breath, because evidently you are lost! I will definitely be praying for y’all!Kristi Youngblood

Opposed. This commission should focus on matters that actually benefit the community and not on matters which would only bring on a hefty lawsuit to this town. This is a matter best left to a woman and her doctor. — Jill McLemore

Include the proposal and pass it! — Becky Russell Roberts

My personal opinion is y’all are wasting your time. This is so stupid; never in life would Carthage put an abortion clinic in there anyway. Look how long it took just for them to get beer. — Brooke Michelle Ivie

Meaningless, ignorant grandstanding... I feel like the commission’s time could be better spent on issues that will actually impact the people of Carthage. — Kate Pentecost

Ban abortion. And for the liberals, it’s still a sin to kill. — Richard Ford

I’m confused... How many places provide abortions in Panola county?! Can’t imagine this is anything more then a waste of time for politicians. — Krystn Rucinski Davis

I have all kinds of questions about the legality of this particular ordinance. — Vicki Pierce

Opposed. If you want to prevent abortion, a better practice would be to prevent pregnancy! — Jordyn Noelle Baze

It stops clinics from opening in Carthage. Yes. It needs to be done. We have a sovereign duty to preserve the soil from the blood of children. — JD Pierce

There were abortions before there were actual doctors to do them. I agree the true solution is to not have sex until you know you’re ready to have a baby, but abortion laws, in my opinion, won’t help any more than gun laws will. There are still going to be abortions. They will just be done in illegal and dangerous ways. Beyond this there will be more dumpster babies and an even more overpopulated foster care system. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for killing babies, but this won’t stop it. — Wilson Burrell

Such a waste of time. Go help some homeless and hungry children and elderly people... — Kiia S. Hooker-Mitchell

Yes, I am for the ordinance. Abortion is the murdering of a baby. I implore everyone who is okay with abortion to watch the movie “Unplanned”; if that doesn’t change your mind, then you’re heartless. — Christine Lillie

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