In his autobiographical movie Private Parts, celebrity interviewer Howard Stern comments that most actors and rock stars are “Satan-worshipping junkies.” It might be presumptuous to suggest DeNiro, DiCaprio and Madonna hang out praising the prince of darkness while doing drugs. Yet their lavish, Holly-weird lifestyles probably disqualify these type characters as ‘moral’ authorities to pass judgement on millions of hard-working, Trump-voting “deplorables.” Better when they stick to their movie scripts and pop lyrics.

Turn on the mainstream news and hear more condescension towards conservatives from diehard liberals posing as ‘objective’ journalists. Seven days a week, Don Lemon (CNN), Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) and their minions of wannabes, sitting at local news desks across the country, paint Trump and his supporters as some version of the devil. Except for Fox News, Ben Shapiro and a few others, most of America’s talking heads are reading from teleprompters jam packed with anti-conservative, anti-Republican and anti-Trump bias. In case you weren’t paying attention. J.M. Rieger’s Washington Post video: Watch pundits keep (wrongly) predicting [insert crazy event here] will end Trump’s presidency condenses 3 and a half years’ worth of fake news narratives designed to take down the 45th President while simultaneously shaming Trump voters into hopefully turning their backs on him. This media mind game seems to work best on suburban women according to polls. Even Google is busy gaslighting conservatives, says Brad Parscale’s USA Today article: Trump is right: More than Facebook and Twitter, Google threatens democracy, online freedom. It’s not just moderate soccer moms leaning left to dodge perceived social rejection, other Trump supporters are feeling bullied into the conservative ‘closet’ by the media’s guilty-by-association tactics. Their creative license with the ‘truth’ is becoming so over the top, we’ll probably be hearing: Trump smuggled the coronavirus to the USA in a Chinese Twinkie on Air Force One. Yes, sadly, Twinkies are made in China now.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is busy back-peddling on his previous ‘believe all women’ stance as he denies the recent sexual assault allegation made by his former Senate secretary. More like ‘Creepy’ Joe as he’s been caught on camera groping females for decades. We’ve all seen the cringeworthy pics and videos on social media, lending optical credibility to Tara Reade’s accusations, but have any of these awkward images made it to network or cable news?

“Joe will be Joe” was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s eloquent attempt to whitewash Biden’s possible criminal misconduct. The Speaker’s comment doesn’t exactly boost her moral credibility and reinforces the Democratic establishment’s commitment to blatant double standards and ironically ‘male privilege’.

Contrast how Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was horsewhipped daily by most of the major networks during his confirmation hearing. He was wrongly smeared to the nation as a sexual predator long before his accuser was discredited.

Biden was busy touting ‘believe all women’ when allegations of misconduct were being weaponized against Republicans. But if your political team’s mascot is a donkey and the crosshairs land on you, Joe recanted, “you have to look at the circumstances and the facts.” It’s called due process Joe, and of course Biden’s getting it from the liberal press.

The do-as-we-say left-run media seems to be working around the clock distorting the public’s perception of national events: President appoints Antichrist as chief advisor while Democrats handout Twinkies. Scores of polarizing headlines continue to widen America’s cultural divide and fuel the bully pulpits of the smuggest Stephen Colbert-types.

These late-night stirrers keep their liberal-leaning audiences awake with Presidential redneck jokes while hoping to nudge their fence-sitting moderate viewers to the ‘dark side’ of politics. That boggy swamp where can-do conservatism gets muddied by resentment-ridden Trump Derangement Syndrome. Time to get some made-in-America rubber boots.

Though they’d never admit it, surely the liberal media desperately need Trump to win re-election this November. Seems the Dump Trump Show is the only ventilator keeping their drooping ratings alive.

Rob Tiller lives between Texas and Australia working as a couples counselor and family therapist. He’s interested in the intersection between psychology and politics with articles and advice columns published in The Spectator Australia, Cosmopolitan and newspapers on both continents.