Time to face reality

To borrow a phrase from one of my favorite Republican presidents, Ronald Reagan, “There you go again, Buddy.” Of course I’m referring to my friend Buddy Bankhead who is drooling over the prospects of Donald Trump winning a second term as president in his latest column. “It is Trump time!” Buddy declared.

There may be just one little problem, and Buddy mostly ignored that elephant in the room — the on-going impeachment investigation in the U.S. House of Representatives. Besides the two whistle-blowers who want to testify about Trump’s blatant abuse of power, there’s a score of disgruntled former office holders who quit in disgust over Trump’s unfitness to serve as president.

Former Sec. of State Rex Tillerson, a conservative Texan to the core, didn’t mince words when he called Trump a “fking moron.” Expect more similar comments when the impeachment proceeding start in earnest.

For the past year, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has fought off impeachment attempts by some of her left-wing colleagues. But Trump’s own words are now forcing her to relent and order preliminary investigations before the house begins to vote. Her reasoning is sound; the U.S. Senate isn’t likely to vote to convict Trump at this point. But given more examples of his reckless behavior and the glare of the 2020 election shining on Republican senators, who knows what will happen?

All I can say is that I see a very unhappy camper sitting in the oval office using barnyard epithets in his endless tweets. His closest aides have to monitor him full-time to keep him from going full-blown nuts.

We know Reagan was suffering from Alzheimer disease in the last years of his presidency according to his two youngest children. His wife had to complete his sentences and answers to reporters. But at least the Gipper didn’t lose his good humor nor the respect and admiration of his fellow countrymen.

Trump, on the other hand, comes off as unhinged when insulting reporters for just asking questions and doing their jobs. He gets red-faced (which isn’t easy to do under that orange make-up) when shouting back answers to questions he doesn’t like.

Despite Buddy’s theory, Trump isn’t treated any different by the media than other presidents. But it’s starting to tell when commentators at his favorite outlet, Fox News, start to question his judgment. And Trump, in turn, now criticizes them.

Trump’s main problem is that in his entire life he’s never been held accountable. He was handed a fortune by his father in the real estate business and never had to account for all the sleazy and cheating business dealings. (He’s sued or been sued more than 3,500 times and had to declare bankruptcy at least four times.) He’s hasn’t been accountable for philandering on his three wives with Playboy bunnies and porn stars, and he hasn’t been accountable for all the women he’s molested and groped over the years. Again, his own words in the infamous bus interview damn him.

But now he’s being held to account for his actions by a body of legislators immune to his insults, tweets and threats of lawsuits. Frankly, I don’t want the country to endure an impeachment trial. I’d be happy if he’d resign and ride back up that escalator in the Trump Tower where he can retreat to his penthouse mansion. That’s not likely to happen, so Buddy, it is Trump time alright — time for Trump to face reality.

—John Foster, Carthage