Parade decision prioritized health

Following the Executive Committee meeting of the Panola County Chamber of Commerce on Monday, we issued the following statement: We acknowledge all of the comments that have been made regarding the Chamber cancelling this year’s Christmas Parade and want everyone to know we take them all very seriously.

We based our decision on the current rules and regulations on large gatherings and the designation of parades as “high risk” activities by the governor’s office. As always, our No. 1 priority is the health and welfare of the citizens of Panola County. We want to do all we can to keep our COVID numbers low and our kids in school.

We recognize that there are many opinions on this subject and we certainly respect your right to your opinion. This decision was made unanimously by the executive board at their monthly meeting in September and reported to the whole board on Sept. 9 with no opposition.

If you feel you need to make comments or ask questions, please refer them to Tommie Smith at (903) 693-6643. Thank you for your support as we have to make these difficult decisions.

— David Everett, chairman of the board; John Ray, first vice chairman; Chase Dawson, second vice chairman; Lynn Vincent, treasurer; Tonya Cooke, immediate past chairman; and Tommie Smith, president.

Why no consistency in COVID cancellations?

My question to you guys, the City of Carthage and the public: It very disturbing to me that the Christmas parade has been cancelled due to coronavirus. Now if everyone was so worried about it, then why are our children having football games and other things for our children and our people’s health being put aside for Carthage High School being allowed to continue? What is wrong with Carthage?

Don’t get me wrong, I love football! My stepdaughter is a senior in band, and I do not approve that she is even there at these games and away at some games we, as adults should be responsible enough to stop this. There are too many people dying. I couldn’t bear to lose any one in my family due to coronavirus. All we are doing is spreading this virus and not thinking of our younger generation. All we see is sports... and a state championship this year again.

I’m sorry; I would much rather have my kids live and finish school and and beat this ugly virus by never getting it then see a football game or parade. If you cancel one event they should all be cancelled.

— Terry Armstrong, Carthage