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Summer school at Carthage ISD is seeing success.

Former superintendents support the CISD bond

We wanted to take an opportunity to express our support for the upcoming bond issue in November. As former CISD superintendents, we understand the importance of this bond issue as it supports the goals of the district at the best possible cost to the taxpayers. As has been pointed out on previous bonds, this allows the district to keep funds in the district to support our students as opposed to sending the money to the state to be spent at their discretion.

Many people are under the belief that when our local property values rise that the state puts those revenues back into public schools. They do not. Typically, the state uses these additional funds to supplant other areas of their obligation.

The construction and maintenance bonds that passed while we served as superintendents of the district generated nearly $100 million that has been spent locally for the benefit of Carthage ISD students. None of these tax dollars were subject to recapture payments (“Robin Hood”). One hundred percent of the funds have stayed in the district. And it is not as if the district has not had to pay recapture taxes to the state. As a matter of fact, the district has made payments since 2001 in “Robin Hood” payment of nearly a quarter of a billion dollars (that’s B as in billion).

For these reasons, we wholeheartedly support the bond election and encourage everyone to vote “yes.”

— Former Carthage ISD superintendents Reba Allison (2003-2008) and Glenn Hambrick (2008-2019)