Election Night Live Blog: Panola County recorded about 50% voter turnout before Election Day

Campaign signs line the driveway to the Carthage Civic Center, one of many polling sites in Panola County, on Election Day.

A job well done from voters, Elections Office

Panola County voters are to be congratulated for the highest percentage of voters turning out for the 2020 general election in East Texas. This is the second consecutive presidential election that Panola County voters achieved this honor according to a story in the Longview News-Journal.

Of 16,808 registered voters in Panola County, 68.13 percent voted in this year’s election. In 2016, some 64 percent of county voters cast ballots. Part of the reason for the increased voting interest this year was the contested presidential race, plus several other school and college elections were included on the November ballot.

Voter Registrar Loretta Mason and her team also should be congratulated for expertly handling the election in the midst of a pandemic. If you’ve ever served as a poll worker, you’ll appreciate the many issues that arise during an election. These workers also deserve our thanks.

— John D. Foster, Panola County Democratic Party Chair

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