On New Year’s Eve, the Justice Center in Portland Oregon was set on fire by “protestors.” Certainly, the Justice Center is a sacred symbol of our country’s democracy. The protests in Portland have been happening for months, and while Congressmen from both parties condemned the violence, it is interesting to note that the leftwing Congressmen most vocal about the violence at the Capital building on Jan. 6 were silent this summer when criminal rioters destroyed property in Portland, Minneapolis, Florida and Wisconsin.

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris encouraged her millions of Twitter followers to donate to a Minnesota crowd-funding effort that paid bail for accused rioters. So, too, did more than a dozen Joe Biden campaign staffers. The Minnesota Freedom Fund raked in more than $35 million in donations with their help.

Hours after pro-Trump rioters stormed the Capitol, antifa tried to break into the Multnomah County Courthouse in downtown Portland. A mob of black-clad antifa militants proceeded to smash businesses and public buildings using hammers. On one wall, they spray-painted an antifa logo and the warning, “The state can no longer suppress us.”

But by morning, no national media had reported on the anti-government violence in Portland — the third riot in the city since New Year’s Eve, with far more damage was not important when the left could benefit from the protests at the Nation’s Capital.

The upshot should be clear: The deadly storming of the Capitol building is the logical outcome of norms set by the left in 2020. By winking at and apologizing for antifa, liberal elites telegraphed that political grievances ought to be resolved through violence. Maxine Waters urging non-peaceful, in-their-face confrontations serves as an example.

Those showing righteous indignation now only months or weeks ago argued that the riots were “mostly peaceful” and that vandalism and looting didn’t count as violence then.

That’s the problem with political irresponsibility: Once the law grants quasi-authorization to hitherto-proscribed conduct, there’s no telling how events might spiral. And that is why all of us condemn the violence and damage that was done to the Capital as well as statues torn down, federal buildings being burned, etc.

So that you know Andy Ngo provided the information on the Portland riots in the New York Post. For some time, I have been warning how duplicitous the traitors have been and this is a great example. Failure to come out strongly to condemn the riots and looting we had all summer long, but now that Trump supporters storm the nation’s capital in response to their perception of a corrupt election, is as dishonest as can be. I don’t condone the destruction at the capital, but can’t help but note how peacefully and quickly those demonstrators left the capital, unlike the rioters in Portland.

How many of us who appreciate what President Trump accomplished will not forget our belief that he has been the best president yet. It is time now for us to stay alert to the moves on the part of the left to further destroy our freedom. How soon will be see them move to add DC as a state? Two more Democratic senators and one more representative. Why stop there? New York City, LA, Chicago, Houston, all have more population than DC and are controlled by the left.

Final thought: As fraudulent as the election may have been, we owe it to our founders to stay informed, learn the truth and oppose all efforts by those who are after power regardless to take away our freedoms.

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