It won’t be long, and this election will be history. It is my opinion that most people knew who they would support early on. Trump supporters knew he was the one before the line-up of Democratic stars threw their hats in the ring. The Dems, however, had a real problem with one common goal: defeat Trump and regain the power. How the party who like to portray themselves as the people’s party managed to narrow down the candidates to Joe Biden blew me away. How “he” then “picked” Kamala Harris to be his running mate after she had nearly destroyed him during their debates is only explained by how duplicitous the party has been.

Relying on Biden not being able to serve long and that Harris could never defeat Trump for President, what better way to get a far, far left socialist in the White House?

As readers of the Watchman, you should already know that an opposing opinion was provided earlier that headlined “Vote for Joe like your life depends on it.” I will definitely take that advice and vote negative for Joe for many reasons.

If you believe the tripe spewed by the other columnist, you probably had your barely-functioning mind set against Trump already, so my comparison won’t matter to you. This comparison is intended for those voters who think Trump will win without your help, to encourage you to vote like your livelihood depends on it.

The major difficulty in comparing Biden’s record to Trump’s is that Biden, unlike Trump, has changed his opinion whenever his focus groups tell him which way the people want him to go. On immigration and border security, it was Obama-Biden that put and began using every cage on the border to keep undocumented people coming across the border. It was that same administration that campaigned against the flood of South Americans taking away U.S. citizen’s jobs. Do I need to update you on their position since Trump has actually done what he promised regarding illegal immigration? And note it was the Mexican government that helped more than the Congress. So, if you want secure borders, you need to vote.

What about the Constitution? The 1st Amendment guarantees freedom to practice your religion, but governors (Democratic) forbade church gatherings because of their concerns for our health. This is the same group that removed prayer from our schools. It appears that if one practices his/her religion, Biden/Harris and most Dems are not happy, only if you practice it as Biden does that it is acceptable. Trump, the sinner, has been endorsed repeatedly by church leaders.

The 2nd Amendment protects our right to own and bear arms. Biden on numerous occasions has stated his support for this amendment while demanding “common sense” gun control. He has already said that he would appoint Beto to enforce his desire to take away all “assault” rifles. Note all rifles or pistols used against a person are actually assault weapons. Gun owners have repeatedly endorsed Trump for his position on this issue.

What about our economy? The impression the other columnist would have you get is that Obama-Biden gave us the economy we enjoyed prior to the coronavirus impact. Functioning brains could never reach his conclusion. Biden and Obama were responsible for the slowest recovery from a recession ever and while the economy did improve under them, it took Trump and his new trade deals, tax relief for citizens and businesses, and removal of many of the restrictions on business that he inherited. Obama-Biden increased manufacturing jobs by 288k while in office, and Trump, his first 3 years brought back almost 500k. Obama commented during the 2016 campaign after Trump promised to bring back manufacturing jobs that Trump would have to have a magic wand to do so. Was that an Obama lie? No he really believed it was impossible.

Failure to vote for Trump and allowing Biden to win would slam the breaks on this. Biden has already said he would remove the tax breaks and wants us to believe that only those earning $400,000 or more would have their taxes increased. Most economists agree that even if capped at $400,000, by increasing the taxes on businesses, products and services costs would increase so that everyone would be impacted.

Defense is another important issue in this election. Biden, over 40-plus years, supported the military by voting for cuts to finance our military. In 3-plus years, Trump has rebuilt our military and replaced old equipment that Obama-Biden should have done much earlier. Ask any airman, sailor or army staff and they will tell you the truth, and may even tell how their pay increase has really helped. This is why the Dems don’t want soldiers to vote. They vote overwhelmingly for Trump. Remember how Biden and Harris both lied about comments Trump never made even though they both knew Trump never called the war heroes in France losers. Biden’s decisions on military issues is summarized well when we learn that he recommended not going after Ben Laden, while Trump never hesitated to go after the top Iranian general responsible for killing more of our soldiers than anyone else. And remember the criticism he received that Iran would retaliate.

Foreign Policy: Better trade deals are sometime related to foreign policy, but treaties and relations with allies are typically the result considered foreign policy. So, under Obama-Biden, we got a treaty to allow Iran to build nuclear weapons after 10 years. And with that same Treaty, Iran received 1.6 billion dollars which has been shown to be used to finance terror. While Trump could not get the money back, he identified why the treaty was so bad and got us out of it. The NAFTA program was replaced with an agreement between Mexico, Canada, and the USA. Trump haters all agree that Trump is excessive when dealing with our enemies as well as our allies. He has succeeded in having North Korea stop nuclear testing without a treaty. He has shamed our allies into paying more of their share for NATO. Guess you could say Trump has made America Great Again.

So citizens, if you want law and order, as do the police associations, if you like our Constitution, vote for America, vote for Trump.

Andy Harvey lives in Carthage.