The healing of Bartimaeus, in Mark 10:46-52, is the final miracle performed by Jesus, according to Mark’s Gospel. The setting of the miracles occurs just when Jesus leaves Jericho and begins the last leg of his journey to Jerusalem. Jesus’ eyes are fixed upon Jerusalem; he knew what he was facing. Nothing would get in the way of his mission now.

Above the shouts and cheers of a hysterical crowd, Jesus hears the desperate cry of help, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” Others in the crowd tell the man to be quiet, but he persists: “Son of David, have mercy on me!” Jesus stops suddenly and looked at Bartimaeus the blind beggar.

Jesus silences the crowd and instructs someone to call the man. A nameless messenger delivers the good news to Bartimaeus: “Cheer up: rise, he (Jesus) is calling you” (v. 49). This command to “Rise” was a serious call to faith, and it tested Bartimaeus’ level of trust. Bartimaeus wonders if someone might be playing a cruel joke on him, since he had experienced this before since he was blind and could not see.

Bartimaeus showed his faith. By throwing aside the ragged garment that served to catch coins, he enthusiastically demonstrates his faith. He bounces up and goes to stand face to face before Jesus. This must have been a grand day for Bartimaeus to take the call, not knowing if it was from Jesus Christ. The first step in healing is awareness. The person who has a need must be aware of that need. We find this person who has a need must be aware of that need. Bartimaeus demonstrated that understanding. He was ready.

In addition to being aware by the individual, Jesus responded with healing power. We need to believe that, in the name of Jesus, we can offer healing power, the power of Jesus, to the broken and hurting people of the world. The people, who are laying hands on a person, cannot heal, but through Jesus Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit or Healing Spirit can go to the individual.

Mark’s discussion of discipleship ends as it began — with the healing of a blind man. Bartimaeus was at first rebuked but then told, “Get up, he is calling you” (v.49. His request, “My teacher, let me see again” (v. 51). “He regained his sight and followed him (Jesus) on the way” (v. 52). Bartimaeus’ faith in Jesus Christ was the right “stuff” to allow Jesus to heal him. This is what Jesus said to “Bartimaeus your faith has healed you!” Do you have the faith like Bartimaeus? Will you allow God to help you?

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