Last week, we looked at the importance of clearing our hearts of any known sin and neutralizing our desires. Now, let’s consider some more biblical advice for how we can make wise decisions.

Exercise patience. Sometimes we may have to pray for a long time before God gives us an answer. He promises that if we ask and seek, we will receive and find, but He doesn’t say we will get an immediate response (Matthew 7:7). Therefore, to receive His best, we must be willing to wait for His timing. Waiting upon God means we live in confident expectation of His actions on our behalf and refuse to run ahead of Him or try to solve our problems on our own.

Be alert to pressure. The pressures we face when making decisions come from two places.

External pressure. Friends and family may offer us their advice or urge us to choose quickly before we’ve heard from the Lord. However, they don’t know God’s will on the matter, and their guidance may be offered out of a desire to please us so we’ll be happy.

Internal pressure. Sometimes we put pressure on ourselves to choose without God’s input because we fear loss or don’t want to go in a direction we think He’s leading us.

Persist in prayer. First Thessalonians 5:17 teaches, “Pray without ceasing.” Even if we see no sign of an answer, we must not give up. While we are waiting, God is teaching us to trust Him. He wants us to move from doubt, fear and unrest to confidence in Him and His timing.

Rest in God’s promise. The Bible is our most valuable resource when we have a decision to make because it’s the mind of God in print and is filled with His wisdom. If we want to know what He thinks about anything, all we have to do is read His Word.

Wait for His peace. The Greek word for peace means “to bind together.” When we are in agreement with God on the decision, we are bound together with Him. That’s when His peace rules in our hearts (Colossians 3:16).

Have you ever jumped ahead of the Lord and decided without Him? We will never regret following the Lord’s guidance for our lives. When we wait on Him, we will have peace and contentment that comes from knowing we are walking in His will.

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Allen Tilley is senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Carthage.