Believing the negative report, the children of God refused to enter the Promised Land.

Everything the Israelites longed for was across the border, but because they wouldn’t obey the Lord, His judgment came upon them.

He declared that they would wander in the wilderness for forty years until all the men who were twenty years and older when they left Egypt had died. When they heard this, they changed their minds and went out to take possession of Canaan, but because the Lord wasn’t with them, they were defeated.

Sometimes God gives us opportunities that only come once. If our courage fails, we may never receive a second chance. This is why obedience is so important, even if we’re afraid or reluctant.

When we live in daily obedience to God, we’ll never miss the opportunities He has for us, and He will supply whatever we need to accomplish what He’s called us to do.

The Key to Obedience: Hide God’s Word in your heart. Meditation on God’s Word keeps us in line with His will. This includes reading the Scripture each day, talking to God, and bringing Him every issue that concerns us.

The promises we need to strengthen our obedience are found in His Word. Scripture has the power to change our minds and attitudes from fear and uncertainty to confident courage.

The Bible also reminds us that we are never alone if Jesus is our Savior. His Spirit lives within us, giving us guidance to know what to do and the power to accomplish it. When we trust the Lord and believe His promises, we have nothing to fear as we courageously move forward in obedience.

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Allen Tilley is senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Carthage.