Don’t faint, Buddy Bankhead, but we actually agree on something. Your column in today’s Watchman (Dec. 21) said Donald Trump, among others including yourself, is in need of prayer. No truer words have been written.

Ironically, Trump went ballistic when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she prayed for him. Although he’s the darling of evangelicals, you hardly hear of him praying or attending church. Most of his free time (and he has a lot of it if he can send out 91 tweets in one day) is spent playing golf at one of his courses — costing taxpayers more than $100 million in his first three years in office. Don’t believe me? Check it out on any major news source.

On the very next page of that issue of the Watchman is a story on Louie Gohmert’s thoughts about Trump’s impeachment. Louie called it a “waste of time” and a “serious dark blot on our history.”

I think just the opposite, joining others who feel Congress should hold Trump accountable for his abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Unlike Nixon and Clinton’s impeachment proceedings when the White House made documents and officials available for testimony, Trump has stonewalled Congress from the word go. Now he claims he wants a full investigation in his Senate trial, but Pelosi is keeping him dangling in suspension over when she’ll send the articles to the Senate.

Louie also made a statement that I fully agree with. He said he had not hoped to have been in Congress as long as he has. Amen, brother. He could quit after his current term, but no, he’s filed to run again next year.

Gohmert is like a lot of his Republican colleagues in the House who are backbenchers now that Democrats control the chamber. After many years of obstructing President Obama’s agenda, they hate being relegated to second-class status. Six GOP representatives from Texas have announced they aren’t running for re-election next year because they see the hand-writing on the wall. They can’t win next year, so Louie’s hope for Republicans to regain control of the House is merely a pipe dream.

For now, Louie happens to reside in a safe Republican district in rural East Texas, but the big cities and suburbs are turning blue. That’s where the big voting numbers are found and, after next year, Gohmert will feel even more isolated as Democrats continue to flip seats in Congress and the state legislature. Of course, that’s predicated on Louie holding on to his seat.

I want to close with a holiday greeting to all — Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And congratulations for another great season by the Carthage Bulldogs. I think we all can agree to that.

— John D. Foster, Carthage