From right to left: Gabby Ford, Solijah Allison and Trinade Roberts performed at Footprints in the Sand last Thursday.

The Footprints In The Sand Monument is a source of inspiration for East Texas. Kudos to Mr. Bob Harness for sculpting and bringing his dream into reality by creating a place for anyone to pray, sing, meditate, and share inspirational words. It is now a tradition for those who visit the monument to sing “Amazing Grace.”

The trio Solijah Allison, Gabby Ford and Trinade Roberts ministered to Facebook audiences on Thursday, Dec. 30. While Trinade and Solijah are both in the 6th grade at Baker-Koonce Intermediate School, Gabby is a 7th-grader in Louisiana.

The original plans were for Solijah to perform a solo and Trinade to offer a prayer. When the duo showed up with their parents, Gabby’s family was visiting the monument on their way to Dallas. Sharon Roberson-Jones explained the plans and asked if Gabby and her sister wanted to participate. Gabby’s mother Ashley shared that Gabby has a beautiful voice. One thing led to another, and Gabby made the duo into a trio.

Since the post, we have received many calls and texts complimenting the trio and asking when they will minister again. We are working on bringing the trio back together again along with other youth performers. You can view the trio’s performance on the Footprints in the Sand Foundation Facebook page.

For more Footprints in the Sand information, call (903) 692.3378. The monument is located at 1320 Dixie Lake Road in Carthage.

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