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This year's East Texas Beef and Forage Clinic is Nov. 20 in Henderson.

East Texas Area Cattle producer mark your calendars and make your plans to attend this years annual East Texas Beef & Forage Clinic set for Nov. 20 at the Rusk County Expo Center at 3303 FM 13 in Henderson.

The program will start at 8 a.m. with registration and run to 2:30 p.m. During the event we will be having educational presentations from area experts covering critical issues facing our beef and forage producers in our ever-evolving markets.

Starting the morning we will be hearing from Dr. Jamie Sugg Rusk County Agriculture Agent, who has been conducting Feral Hog trapping demonstrations in the Rusk County area over the past few years. Dr. Sugg will be talking with us about best management options available to landowners to combat the ever-growing problem faced from feral hogs on our daily operations.

The remainder of the day we will hear from Rob Brooks with Bayer Science, Daniel Mielke with Corteva Agri-science, Lee Dudley Panola County Agriculture Agent, and Clint Perkins Smith County Agriculture Agent. These presenters will be focusing on new herbicides that are hitting the market and how producers can best incorporate them into management plans. Additional topics to be covered will focus on herbicide comparison results that have been conducted in the region over the last few years as well as an overview on reading and understanding herbicide labels.

Educational programs such as these greatly benefit area producers and landowners alike in that topics covered can assist by providing timely knowledge that utilized correctly can help producers maximize production outputs while additionally minimizing operation cost.

Breakfast refreshments will be provided by Heritage Land Bank and lunch is sponsored by the Copeland Insurance Group. Educational facets of the program are sponsored by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Services of Rusk, Cherokee, Smith, and Panola Counties along with their county level program planning committees.

Those area producers planning to attend this event, need to register by Nov. 13th by calling (903)693-0300 Ext. 161. Cost to attend the event is $20 and in accordance with all COVID-19 Guidelines, we will be adhering to recommended social distancing practices. For those needing continued education hours, Texas Department of Agriculture has approved this program to award 5 Credit for those in attendance. Credit hours will be for the following categories, 3 general, 1 IPM, and 1 Laws and regulations.

Upcoming events and dates

  • Nov. 2 — Monthly 4-H Council Meeting
  • Nov. 5 — Panola 4-H Food Show Information Night
  • Nov. 9 — Panola County 4-H Major Stock Show Entry Night
  • Nov. 10 — Monthly 4-H Adult Leader Parent Association Meeting
  • Nov. 16 — Beckville 4-H Monthly Meeting
  • Nov. 16 — Panola Shooting Sports 4-H Monthly Meeting
  • Nov. 19 — Panola County Hay Show Noon Program
  • Nov. 20 — East Texas Beef & Forage Clinic

For more information about these upcoming programs, or any other topics of interest please contact your Panola County AgriLife Extension Service Agents at (903) 693-0300 Ext. 161 or 217

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Lee Dudley is a Panola County Extension Agent.