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The Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting Tuesday morning for Uber of Carthage. The rideshare service is available through Apple or Android apps or by calling (845) 587-8791.

Uber has come to Carthage.

The Panola County Chamber of Commerce welcomed Uber of Carthage with a ribbon-cutting Tuesday morning. Owner Natasha Smith said that her husband and her came to Carthage in October and felt a need for the service.

“I felt the need that people needed some rides, whether it be to doctors’ offices, the grocery store, to a friend’s house or to go pick up prescriptions — anything that is needed from your house to go pick anything, just give me a call,” she said. “It typically runs about $1-2 a mile, and you can download the app, it’s the Uber app, and it will find me if I’m online and locate me, and I will come pick you up and take you wherever you need to go.”

Smith is also in talks with local restaurants to get them to sign up with Uber Eats, a service that makes food deliverable from participating restaurants.

There are two other individuals currently signed up to give rides, Smith said, one of whom can only do it during the lunch, and the other who is a teacher and can do it after school. She’s in talks with three more people though, pending their background checks.

Smith, who works as an EMT, said she is free any time she isn’t working on the ambulance.

She also offers rides to area airports, like those in Shreveport, Longview or Tyler, as long as people give her a call in advance. She said she’s willing to go anywhere within an hour’s range.

“Just trying to get it rolling,” Smith said. “I love it; absolutely love it. I’m really excited about it.”

Smith can be reached at (845) 587-8791 or by the business’s Facebook page, Uber of Carthage Texas.