The project at the intersection of Texas 315 and the loop in Carthage is well underway, the Texas Department of Transportation said.

“It looks like they’re about 60 percent complete, and they’ve used right at about 60 percent of their time, and they probably would be ahead if they’d had better weather during this,” Marcus Sandifer, a public information officer with TxDOT’s Atlanta office, said. “I know that they were slowed when they first started because we had a lot of rain, and now lately they’ve had a lot of rain, and it slowed them down a lot more, but they’re right on schedule at this time.”

Sandifer said the project began in 2016 and is supposed to take about three and a half years total.

“We’re hoping that it’ll be open to traffic by the end of this year,” he said Thursday. “They’re working on getting the beams set; they were supposed to have those set this week, but I just got an email this morning saying that the weather postponed setting the second set of beams yesterday, or them getting the second set of beams, and they won’t get them until this Friday... They’re gonna have the intersection closed next Friday, the 14th, while they set the rest of these beams, and they should get them onsite this week or tomorrow is what they’re expecting. And once they get those in place, they’ll start working on the deck of the overpass, and then getting it completed, and then the approaches on each side, pavement on each side.”

East Texas Bridge Incorporated, of Longview, was awarded the project. The total cost of the bridge is $20.9 million.

“What we’re doing is building an overpass at this intersection; this was just a regular intersection with the loop there in Carthage, and now we’re building an overpass at that location to help traffic move a lot smoother through there,” he said. “And we’re widening the highway to a four-lane divided highway like the north of that area between that and U.S. 59. So it’ll be widened from U.S. 79 to just south of Dixie Lake Road.”