St. John’s Episcopal Church in Carthage has recently opened up a ‘Little Free Library’ at their location.

“It’s something that some of our members have seen other churches do it, and they got on the internet, and they researched it and all, and we just decided that we would try it and see what happens,” church secretary Maudie Leach said. “We ordered the little library, and it’s out here at the corner in front of our church, and it’s small, but it will hold several books.”

The little library goes by the honor system. Anybody can drive by, pick up a book, and if they choose, leave a book. It’s completely free.

“People that don’t really like to go out, a lot of people don’t like to spend money on books, and they might not have time to go the library, and things like that,” Leach said. “And they might just wanna check it out and see if there might be a book there that they might wanna read, and it’s just basically for the public to enjoy.”

Judy Guthrie with the Bishop’s Committee said the little library was a way to give back to the community as well as pro mote their church.

“I don’t know that people know that there is an Episcopal church here in town, except for our Good Friday thing,” Guthrie said. “So that’s another way for people to know that there is an Episcopal church, plus we do try to give back to the community, and it’s absolutely free. There are no rules except that we would like that if you take a book, bring it back or bring one of your own. You can add to it, whatever you want to do.”

There are a variety of books stocked in the library.

“People think that because it’s a church that it’s going to be all religious books, and that’s not true,” Guthrie said. “In fact, there probably aren’t any religious books in there. We’ve got children’s books; we’ve got mysteries; we’ve got fiction; we’ve got funny books like Erma Bombeck... James Patterson is one that we’ve got, and Tess Gerritsen, Michael Palmer, Clive Cussler.”

Guthrie said the church will take recommendations for books to go in the library, and they can try to find someone who has it.

“We’re hoping that it will be a novel approach and that we’ll get lots of folks to come and take books and bring books and read books,” she said.

St. John’s Episcopal Church is located at 308 Cottage Road in Carthage and can be reached by telephone at (903) 693-5566.