U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz told supporters at a Carthage campaign stop on Tuesday that it was imperative they not stay home on Election Day.

"This election comes to one word: turn-out. Turn-out, turn-out, turn-out," Cruz said. "The biggest challenge we have in this race is complacency. That if people are feeling good, if the economy's going well, if their life is going well, that urgency isn't there and they stay home, and all it takes is a few of us staying home when the hard left is so energized and angry, and that's how we lose the freedom we've got in this state."

Cruz made a campaign stop at the Longhorn Grill in Carthage Tuesday afternoon, speaking about his goals and plans for the state, holding a question and answer session and and meeting and taking pictures with community members.

Cruz spoke not only on his future plans for the state if he gets reelected, but also on what he has accomplished during his last term as Senator.

"When we started last year, I think there were four big priorities domestically — tax cuts, regulatory reform, Obamacare and judges," Cruz said. "My view was if we could deliver on those, it would leave a long lasting and powerful impact on the people of Texas. As we stand here a year and a half into it, it is remarkable just how many of those promises we delivered real results."

The Longhorn Grill was filled with so many people there was standing room only.

Cynthia Horn made a poster for the event that read "Welcome Senator Ted."

"I'm a 95-year-old iron-bottom Republican," Horn said. "I cast my first vote for Thomas E. Dewey many years ago; he was running against Harry Truman, and they didn't think Harry Truman had a chance, but we know what happened there... I've always voted Republican, and I've just stayed with the party. I think we've got some good people; I'm enthusiastic about it. I've always followed his (Cruz's) programs as much as I can."

Some even canceled appointments to come. James and Darlene Nelson adamantly voiced their support for Cruz.

"We love America, we love Carthage. We were supposed to be at the doctor, and we heard about this, so here we are. We canceled the appointment, and we're here to support Sen. Cruz," Darlene Nelson said. "It goes like I said, we wanna see America great again."

"One of these days we want to call him Mr. President," James Nelson said.