Tiffany Stapleton got into essential oils by accident about four years ago.

“I was skeptical; I just wanted to make a bug spray,” she said. “But slowly I started using different things on my family, and it was doing some really awesome things and it just kind of grew into an obsession, and then from there I started learning about other natural healing methods, and it just became a passion. I like to research stuff, and I like to make people feel better.”

Stapleton, alongside her first cousin and best friend Jennifer Brittenham, opened up Pure & Simple Lifestyle Solutions in Carthage a few weeks ago. Brittenham is the business finance side of the operation, and she said that the two of them have always joked about being two halves of a whole — so for their business it’s the same thing.

“I think we’re providing what a lot of the community has already turned to, but they’ve been going out of town to get it,” Stapleton said. “Like half the town is on Keto, but they’re having to go out of town to get their supplies for reasonable prices because it’s a more expensive lifestyle.

“...It’s not a new idea; it’s already been here, it just hasn’t been accessible here,” she said.

Besides essential oils, the shop also sells herbal and homeopathic remedies, a fitness line for pre- and post-workouts, as well as supplements, CPD oil, Bang energy drinks, Farmasi makeup products and more.

“Our big thing with a lot of the pricing; we go under price,” Brittenham said. “Half the stuff in here is less than MSRP. ... We’re selling it for on average half of what you would find at a GNC or supplement shop like that. Because it’s not fair that it costs so much to try to feel better. So we’re like the golden rule: Would I want to pay that much to feel better?”

One of the services the shop provides for free is something called an Itovi scan. For the scan, one holds a small device that uses basically the same technology as a smart watch, Brittenham said, combining temperature, pressure sensors and Bluetooth technology. The results of the scan are completely confidential.

“It comes up with a list for you,” Brittenham said. “The only thing is you have to decide if it’s physical and or emotional, because it tells you, this is your No. 1 oil or supplement that you need for your body right this second.”

Stapleton and Brittenham are passionate about what they do.

“We genuinely love being up here,” Stapleton said. “We love talking to customers. We love making people feel better. Had a customer last week, and her husband has Parkinson’s. He hasn’t been able to eat with his right hand for along time because of his tremors, and after one — she went with the CPD oil, and after one use, he was able to eat with his right hand. That is why. I call that my crazy oil lady high. I love hearing stories like that.”

Together they call the space their “she-shed.”

“Yeah, this is our she-shed,” Brittenham said. “We love being here. We only leave to do laundry if we just have to. But even our customers come in, and we’ll just hang out right here at the table, talk about the products, what’s coming up at church later, or I mean, it’s a nice comfortable place to be... We enjoy convincing people that it works. If you come in here with a stuffy nose or a sore throat, we’re gonna make you a tea. You’re gonna love it.”

Pure & Simple is located just off the square at 214 N. St. Mary St. in Carthage.