Libby Elementary held a pumpkin decorating contest for its students

There were 122 total entries, with 52 entered into cutest category, 28 entered into the scariest category, and 42 entered into the most unique category.

In the cutest category were:

  • 1st Place (with 31 votes): Silver Unicorn - Avery Crittenden
  • 2nd Place (with 30 votes) : Stitch - Alex Welch
  • 3rd Place (with 29 votes): Baby Yoda - Zane Schneider

In the scariest category were:

  • 1st Place (with 90 votes): Among Us - Deakon Jones
  • 2nd Place (with 54 votes): It - Jacob Matlock
  • 3rd Place (with 30 votes): Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland - Cade Credeur

In the most unique category were:

  • 1st Place (with 43 votes): Monster Truck - Knox Ladymon
  • 2nd Place (with 37 votes): Uninstall Coronavirus - Liam Rowlett
  • 3rd Place tie (with 28 votes for each): Super Hero Ferris Wheel - Korvyn Courtney and ET Phone Home - Kolby Powers

For Libby’s Choice:

  • 1st Place (from the most unique category): ET Phone Home - Kolby Powers
  • 2nd Place: (from the cutest category): Fairies - Avery Wilkerson