A crew worked on repairs to the Panola County Memorial Wall by the Old Jail in early October.

The Panola County Veteran’s Memorial will be rededicated after recent repairs to the memorial.

The re-dedication will take place at the memorial next to the Old Jail Library and Museum in downtown Carthage on Monday, Nov. 11 at 11 a.m.

“There’s been a lot of improvements, a lot of maintaining type improvements,” Panola County Veterans Service Officer William Morris said. “And one of the big things is the granite base that was damaged has been been replaced. All of the veteran name plates that had fallen off over the years have been put back on. We have new LED lights to replace the old lights that were not burning anymore. Just a lot of maintenance stuff that has gone on out there. And now that all of that is done, we would like to rededicate the memorial.”

Morris said there will be some Panola County dignitaries present and that State Rep. Chris Paddie, R-Marshall, will be a speaker during the ceremony.

“I think it’s important to inspire patriotism,” Morris said. “I think it’s important to honor our veterans and remember them and their service. I think it’s important mostly to the veterans, because it’s a place where they can go and remember their comrades that are no longer with us.”

In addition to the memorial, Morris said they are also opening up the Panola County Veterans’ Museum right next door.

“Our county has a very rich military history throughout our nation’s wars, and a lot of our veterans have even distinguished themselves through their military service through the years,” Morris said. “So it’s pretty impressive... There’s some history from the Indian Wars and the Revolutionary War. There’s some history there. We have a depot — we call it the depot room, where in World War I, the men would travel to Beckville to catch the train in Beckville to go to the processing station to go to World War I. And this train depot was in Beckville, and we have some items from that depot, so that’s kind of where our history starts. And then we go to the World War I era, and we have the World War II era, and then we get into Vietnam and Desert Storm and Iraq and Afghanistan wars.”

Morris said they have a lot of items from WWI and WWII, but not Vietnam.

“We’re kind of lacking there, and we invite people to bring their stuff if they would like to donate it because what do you do with dad’s old military stuff?” he said. “You don’t wanna throw it away, but you could share it, and a museum would be a good place to put that stuff.”