After the success of their Christmas parade last December, the Panola County Parade Commission didn’t want to stop — so they planned a parade for Independence Day held the Friday before, July 2 at 6:15 p.m.

The parade will follow the same route at the Christmas parade, ending at Carthage Junior High School, where the Freedom Fest will kick off directly after.

“Everybody’s just looking for something to get out and do; they’re looking for a way to get out and celebrate, and being all closed in last year we’re looking for a way to give them that opportunity to get out and do something...” organizer David Britt said. “We’re all proud, patriotic people, wanna get out and smile, laugh, wave, and then of course being able to help our veterans as well, which is what a lot of this is going for is just a little icing on the cake there.”

Those wanting to be in the parade will pay a $10 entry free, with all the money raised going to the Panola County Texas Veterans Relief Fund. Those wanting to enter the parade can find an entry form on the Panola County Parade Coalition Facebook page or call Britt at (903 263-9842.

Britt wants to honor and celebrate the U.S.A. with this parade.

“It means getting out and being able to celebrate a lot of the freedoms that we have,” he said. “I tell people all the time, it’s funny, but I think we’ve become spoiled to our freedoms. A lot of times we tend to take the smallest things for granted, and in my time in the military, I went to certain countries where you couldn’t just get together and have a parade if you wanted to, and it’s the little things we don’t think about because we don’t see it all the time.

“But that’s the big part of it, is being able to get together and celebrate the small freedoms we have that make up the big freedoms that we enjoy so much everyday. It’s a great country. We’ve got our ups and downs, and we struggle with a lot of things, but at the end of the day it’s a great country and we need to try to remember that as much as we can.”

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