Panola County Fresh Water Supply District No. 1

A regular meeting of the Panola County Fresh Water Supply District No. 1 will take place Thursday, May 13 at 4 p.m. at the Pavilion at Lake Murvaul, 117 County Road 1839 in Panola County.


Call to Order

Open with Prayer


1. Corrections/Approval of Minutes from March meeting


1. Approval of financial report

2. Approval of paying the bills

3. Public Comment and information item: Ryan with Hunter's Association

4. Discuss and possibly act on rental being considered commercial business

5. Discuss and possibly act on updating leases (perpetual/99 year)

6. Discuss and possibly act on selling gas at the lake (cost documentation)

7. Discuss and possibly act on bids for the shower house/laundry

8. Discuss and possibly act on updating RV Park rules and having signs made

9. Discuss and possibly act on putting storage buildings on PCFWSD No. 1 property

10. Discuss and possibly act on adding a manager at marina for second shift

11. Discuss and possibly act on allowing a "Blessings Box" in RV park

12. Discuss and possibly act on adding Crime Coverage to insurance policy


1. Report from Office

i. Leases; New, Amendments and Transfers

ii. Income; water usage and sales

iii. Supplies needed

2. Report of maintenance on Lake/Property

i. Pier Permits/Construction Permits

ii. Repairs and Maintenance

iii. Equipment/Material needed

iv. Report on Lake Conditions

The board may go into executive session on any agenda item as authorized by the Open Meetings Act, Government Code, Chapter 551.

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