Panola County Fresh Water District No. 1

A regular meeting of the Panola County Fresh Water District No. 1 will take place Thursday, Feb. 13 at 4 p.m. at the Lake Murvaul Pavilion, 117 County Road 1839 in Panola County.


Call to Order

Open with Prayer

I. Minutes of previous meetings

1. Corrections/approval of minutes from Jan. 9, 2020

II. General Matters

1. Approval of financial report

2. Approval of paying the bills

3. Discuss and possibly act on calling the 2020 election for directors positions in precinct 1 and at large

4. Discuss and possibly act on grants

5. Discuss and possibly act on resurveying lots to 1/2 acre for lease

6. Discuss and possibly act on purchasing a pizza oven for marina

7. Discuss and possibly act on a second fryer for marina

8. Discuss and possibly act on weigh station for marina

9. Public comment

III. Miscellaneous Reports

1. Report from office

a. Leases; new, amendments and transfers

b. Income; water usage and sales

c. Supplies needed

2. Report of maintenance on lake/property

a. Pier permits/construction permits

b. Repairs and maintenance

c. Equipment/material needed

d. Report on lake conditions