Panola County Emergency Services District No. 1

A regular meeting of the Panola County Emergency Services District No. 1 will take place Tuesday, Jan. 17 at the Carthage Civic Center at 1702 S. Adams St. in Carthage at 7 p.m.


1. Call to order/establish a quorum and open the meeting.

2. Read, change, and approve minutes from the December 20, 2022 regular meeting.

3. Comments or suggestions from the audience.

4. Reminder to all about capitalization policy for individual items that exceed $5,000 and that payments our of the VFDs accounts that are over $2,000 must have a board members signature.

5. Presentation, discussion, and acceptance if appropriate of the 2021 audit report by Rachel Payne CPA and consideration and adoption if approval of her proposal for 2022 audit services.

6. Presentation from Chairman of the Chiefs Association and the Panola County Fire Marshal and act if appropriate on their reports, requests, and suggestions.

7. Discuss and act as appropriate on the renewal or changes to the mowing contract for VFD stations.

8. Discuss and act as necessary on items that may come up related to the new fire units purchase that was approved at the October 2022 meeting.

9. Receive request, discuss, and act if appropriate on item from Community Four related to the sale of their 1967 Fire Truck and classify it as surplus.

10. Discuss, create, and adopt if appropriate, a policy to be given to the Panola County Sheriff's office to clarify the items that will determine call outs on dispatch for the various VFD's.

11. Discuss and approve paying of the monthly bills.

12. Discuss and approve monthly financial statements.

13. Discuss and act as appropriate on election of board officer positions

14. Executive Session. Panola ESD1 may go into Executive Session pursuant to the Government Code, Chapter 551, Texas Open Meetings Act to consider issues authorized by the applicable provisions of the code.

15. Reconvene in regular session for any appropriate action, if any, in pursuant to the Executive Session.

16. Adjournment

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