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Panola County Commissioners are seen at an Oct. 25 meeting where they were asked to increase the county’s contributions for operations of the local animal shelter.

The Panola County Commissioners Court delayed taking action on a request from the operator of animal shelter service to increase the county’s contribution to those operations.

Those services are provided by Carthage Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Dean R. Yates, who cited rising costs for the operations in recent years driving up expenses. Panola County Judge David Anderson said Yates was requesting the county and city combined increase their contribution by $5,000 a month to $15,000 a month.

Laurie Landreneau, manager of the Carthage/Panola County pound facility, said currently the city and county each contribute $5,000 a month for a total combined contribution of $10,000. Under the proposal, each enity would increase their contribution to $7.500 a month for a total of $15,000 going to the operations.

That would be an increase of $2,500 for each the city and the county.

Anderson said the county had not budgeted the increase, so that any action on approving it would require an amendment to the budget. He said the animal shelter issue is an emotional one, but one which needs to be dealt with.

“It’s an emotional issue,” Anderson said. He said he had been in several meetings to discuss the topic and the request.

“There are lots of questions to be asked and a lot of concerns, but we need a pound,” Anderson said. Another part of the request from Carthage Veterinary Hospital was to include a six percent annual cost of living increase in the contract with the county.

“This contract is through the city, and we have an interlocal agreement through the city for them to manage the pound,” Anderson said. Yates said his expenses to operate the facility have steadily increased.

“During the 11 years that the impoundment facility has been located at Carthage Veterinary Hospital, the annual cost of care has increased year-to-year,” Yates said in a letter.

Anderson said the issue would probably be placed on the agenda of the next commissioners’ court meeting, Nov. 8.

In a separate issue dealing with animals, commissioners approved continuing an agreement with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service for feral hog abatement. Anderson said the county has used those services for at least 20 years.

Commissioners also approved:

  • purchasing life saving equipment for ambulance services with funds received from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).
  • A proposal from Hal’s Air Conditioning & Electrical, Inc. for the replacement of four 5.0 ton Split System AC with electric heat air handler units for use by the Panola County Exposition Building.
  • The change of ownership on Aircraft Hanger No.22 from James Crooks to M & N Young Family Holdings, LLC; and to approve Ground Lease Agreement between Panola County and M & N Young Family Holdings, LLC for Aircraft Hangar No. 22 at Panola County Airport-Sharpe Field.
  • The adoption of an order granting applicable exemption for Whitaker Plumbing Inc. per Texas Local Government Code 262.024 for repairs to the sewage system at the sheriff’s office; and to discuss and act upon approving a quote from Whitaker Plumbing Inc. for the sewage repair in the Panola County Sheriff’s Department.

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