A Shreveport man accused of killing Panola County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chris Dickerson has motioned for a change of venue for his trial, court records show.

Gregory Newson, 48, was indicted on charges of capital murder of a peace officer and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on Sept. 28. He is currently being held at the Gregg County Jail, with bonds set at $6 million total.

In an affidavit filed in support of the motion for change of venue, Newson says that he is of the opinion that there exists in Panola County so great a prejudice against him that he cannot obtain a fair and impartial trial of this cause in Panola County, evidenced by the fact that he is continually housed in the Gregg County Jail instead of the Panola County Jail, ostensibly for his personal safety.

Attorney James R. Hagan filed the motion on Dec. 16 and said that Newson “asserts the prejudice against him extends beyond the borders of Panola County, Texas, and into and around the surrounding contiguous counties in the East Texas media market area.”

Dickerson was killed while on duty in the early morning hours of Dec. 31, 2019.

In a sworn complaint filed in Panola County in the case, Texas Ranger Joshua Jenkins detailed his initial investigation of Dickerson’s death: Dickerson made a traffic stop around 2 a.m. on FM 10 near Gary. As Dickerson stepped out of his patrol vehicle and approached the driver’s side door, a man Jenkins would later identify as Newson got out of the car with a short-barreled rifle and started shooting at Dickerson.

Jenkins said Newson “continued to advance and fire upon the deputy, even after the deputy had fallen to the ground.”

“Although fatally wounded, Deputy Dickerson was able to return fire, striking both the shooter and the back window area of the Yukon,” Jenkins said.

Dickerson was shot six times. Newson was shot three times in his leg.

Newson then got back in his car and fled north on FM 10. The Panola County Sheriff’s Office issued a BOLO alert, and Jenkins said in his complaint that just as Panola County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Jeff Ivy was on the phone asking him to assist in the investigation, Shreveport police had located the car matching the BOLO’s description.

Newson’s car eventually crashed on Buncombe Road near 3132 and Hollywood Avenue in Shreveport. Newson fled the car on foot, officials have said, and Cpl. LaBrian Marsden deployed his K-9 Casper — who found Newson hiding in brush and grass.

Jenkins, in his complaint, said he watched both in-car and body camera video from Dickerson. It showed a man who appeared to have the same characteristics as the registered owner of the car and the man Shreveport police arrested in their pursuit.

Officers found a semi-automatic rifle with a drum magazine in Newson’s car, Jenkins said in his complaint. Panola County records also show they found $5,500 — a civil suit brought by the Panola County District Attorney’s Office to try to seize that money was later dropped.

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