After seeing several blessing boxes where his mother lives, Thomas Kokenos decided to build one for Carthage when he saw a need.

The blessings box is a community project where anybody can leave items they think people might need and anybody can take what they need, free of charge or questions.

“This is kind of an anonymous thing,” Kokenos said. “You don’t have to go stand in a line, and you don’t have to go wait and have everybody — this is something you can just go up to in the middle of the night, no one’s sitting there watching you or judging you, and if you see something you need, grab it, if you’re worried you’re not going to have food for your kids in the morning. I’m not saying there’s always going to be something in there, but there might be. As long as I’m not at work, I’m going to make sure something’s in there.”

To help keep the box stocked, Kokenos started a public Facebook group called Carthage Tx Blessing Box. Anyone can join the group for updates on the box.

“That’s part of the Facebook page, is if somebody drives by there that’s on that page and sees that there’s nothing on there, throw a few things in there and be like ‘Hey, if anyone in the group wants to pitch in, the box is getting a little low,’” Kokenos said.

The box is located at 202 W. Panola St. in Carthage.

“It’s a pretty basic concept,” Kokenos said. “Bring what you can, take what you need.”