star students

Front, from left: Braxton Register, Korvyn Courtney, Miller Thomas, Bayliss Berry and Mia Torres. Back, from left: Blaine Nixon, Annabella Wall, Iszabella Gomez, Daniela Cadena and Camila Garcia.

Libby Elementary Star Students are chosen using the following criteria: attitude, accomplishments, commitment, character, effort, enthusiasm and excellence.

Braxton Register, a second-grader, is the son of Raven McPherson and Kyle Register. He enjoys math class, baseball, basketball and drawing. He wants to become a police officer when he grows up. His teacher says that Braxton has a wonderful attitude and always works hard.

Korvyn Courtney, a second-grader, is the son of Cody and Melanie Courtney. He enjoys math, science and gym class at school. He loves to play sports including dodgeball, soccer and basketball. His hobbies include going to museums and zoos, playing with friends, biking, hiking, and exploring. He wants to be a paleontologist or zoologist when he grows up. He is a dedicated student and helpful in the classroom.

Miller Thomas, a second-grader, is the son of Scott and Carrie Thomas. His favorite school subject is math. He enjoys playing soccer and baseball. Miller has a positive attitude in the classroom and was selected to compete in the UIL Chess Puzzle team this year.

Bayliss Berry, a second-grader, is the son of Liz Hill. He loves to read and go to gym class with Mrs. Capps. He likes to play basketball and go skateboarding. When he grows up, he wants to join the army. His teacher says that he is a hard worker and a good friend to others.

Mia Torres, a second-grader, is the daughter of Veronica Saucedo and Jose Torres. She likes to study math and read. Her hobbies include swimming, dancing and gymnastics. When she grows up, she wants to be a family lawyer.

Blaine Nixon, a third-grader, is the son of Douglas and Jennifer Nixon. His favorite subject is math. He enjoys baseball, football, basketball, soccer and going to church. He wants to be a scientist and build robots when he grows up. He is dependable and always stays on task.

Annabella Wall, a third-grader, is the daughter of Jason and Cathy Wall. Her favorite subject is math. She enjoys cheer, tumbling and dance. She always has a positive attitude and helps around the classroom. She wants to become a nurse when she grows up.

Iszabella Gomez, a third-grader, is the daughter of Christina Jones. Her favorite part of school is gym class. She enjoys doing anything outside. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. She is the classroom cheerleader and is always helping her peers. She has good manners and is hard-working.

Daniela Cadena, a third-grader, is the daughter of Luis and Blanca Cadena. She loves to learn about science. She loves to play outside. She wants to grow up and become a teacher.

Camila Garcia, a third-grader, is the daughter of Beatriz Farias and Victor Garcia. At school, she enjoys learning about science and wants to be either a teacher or a veterinarian when she grows up. She enjoys playing soccer, gymnastics and spending time with her family. She is a good role model for the other students.