Beckville plans to put up several “No Trucks” signs on Sunset Street after concerns from residents about heavy trucks on the road.

Paulette Goree and Gloria Adams spoke to the Beckville City Council meeting Monday evening, asking city officials to address the issue.

Mayor Gene Mothershed agreed to put up at least four signs, but said the city can put the signs up but can’t enforce them. Goree said they hope the signs will be a deterrent.

“We discussed that, and if you put them up, I think it may deter them from parking over there,” Goree said. “... we have just all but begged him (the person parking trucks on the street) not to park those trucks over there.”

“That’s a public street that runs through there, and you know it’s tearing the street up, and who’s gonna be responsible for the street when it’s torn up?” Goree said. “I know they put a “No Truck” sign down here, down here on Neal Street, there’s a “No Trucks” sign there, and it seems to be working for them, no trucks are going through there now.”

Adams said the man parking trucks has also brought other trucks from out of town.

“His friends are parking up there too,” she said. “We don’t know who these people are.”

Mothershed expressed doubt that the signs would help.

“We’ll put the signs up, and we’ll see what happens,” he said.