Gill Water Supply Corporation customers is under a boil notice, to allow for the addition of orthophosphate injections to the water to control color and provide a corrosion inhibitor.

“The treatment was moved from June 1st to June 3rd,” office manager Candace Perdue said Wednesday.

“This treatment is to treat the tint that we have in the water that we have received a lot of complaints about,” she explained.

Because the treatment may cause the water to get dirty when it first flows through the system, the water supply company advises customers to boil the water for drinking purposes.

The water is still good, however, to shower, wash clothes and dishes with, Perdue noted.

“When this treatment is first introduced to the system it will cause dirty water. It will last 10 to 14 days,” the boil water notice indicated.

During these 10 to 14 days, customers will need to boil the water, the notice stated.

“After that, the water will be crystal clear and customers will no longer need to boil the water anymore,” Perdue said, expounding that the water will then be clear and drinkable again.

Perdue explained that they had to give a 14-day timeframe for the customers who live at the end of the system, toward U.S. 79, as it will take about four to five days after the treatment first enters the system to even reach them.

“When this chemical is first introduced it will scrub the lines. It will take four to five days for the chemical to reach the entire system,” the boil water notice indicated. “Officials will be aggressively flushing the system to push this chemical through and get the water cleared back up.”

The water supply company will keep customers updated through local media outlets concerning the lifting of the notice. The company apologized for any inconvenience the process may cause.

“Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to improve your drinking water,” Gill Water Supply stated.

Customers who have questions regarding this matter are directed to call the water supply corporation at (903) 938-5130.

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