Gary High School released its second edition of the revived Loblolly Magazine, holding a reception to celebrate the issue at the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame on Thursday afternoon.

Nerissa Coligan, journalism teacher and adviser for the magazine, said it was great to work with all the students on it and that they enjoyed getting to do the interviews for it.

This year’s edition is focused on country music and has Linda Davis singing on the cover, with a story on her as well as others involved in country music on the inside.

“We have some national interviews as well as local interviews, and Breann Young, who is in Nashville as a singer/songwriter; she’s been there several years, but she’s starting to really get successful,” Coligan said. “She’s from Gary, and she’s one of the interviewees. She just recently had one of her songs that she wrote, T.G. Sheppard has put out a new album, and one of her songs, he sung on his new album. So she’s one of our interviews too. She’s a Gary girl doing well in Nashville.”

The Loblolly’s editor is senior Zach Spradley. Coligan said she was very proud of him and his hard work.

“It’s an honor really,” Spradley said. “I enjoy it. I enjoy annoying Ms. Coligan all the time. It’s really cool to read all the stories, since I have to read all of it. Maybe I wouldn’t really read it if I wasn’t in the class, but being the editor I get to like, read it multiple times, and I get to understand it and perceive it different ways, so it’s a really cool job.”

The man who started the Loblolly in 1972 was present at the reception as well. Lincoln King got the idea after receiving a publication put out by a school in Georgia called the Foxfire, Coligan said.

“He and his wife were reading it over Christmas, and they were like ‘Hey our kids could do something like this,’” Coligan said. “Well Ms. King had the idea of the Loblolly Pine Tree because that’s an important plant to us, to our area.”

The magazine went out of publication shortly after King retired in 2001.

“I think they’ve done a great job putting it back,” King said Thursday.

When Coligan got the position of journalism teacher at Gary High School, she said that she thought that it would be a good time to bring back the Loblolly.

“It kind of just worked into our elective schedule,” she said. “So we do one a year, and it’s fun. We get to meet some neat people. We appreciate all the businesses who support us, especially Complete Printing who publishes at a very reasonable cost to us. We couldn’t do it without them.”

The Loblolly is available for purchase at Gary High School, the Gary Store and the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame for $10.