Gary City Council

A regular meeting of the Gary City Council will take place Thursday, March 19 at Gary City Hall at 6 p.m.


1. Open with prayer

2. Statement of elected council

3. Call to order

4. Approval/correction of minutes of meeting Feb. 20, 2020

5. Guest scheduled to attend:

6. Citizens participation

7. Mayor’s report

8. Gas manager’s report

9. Items for action or discussion:

a. Sanctuary City for the Unborn replacement ordinance

b. Upgrade of Gary gas line to accommodate new poultry farm

c. Acquiring electricity for Bird Park

d. Citizen requesting street lights at residence

e. Local rabies control authority

f. Retirement of employee

10. Paying of bills

Announcements: Next regular meeting Thursday, April 16, 2020

11. Adjournment