The Footprints in the Sand Foundation is excited to begin construction on the new Charles C. Matthews Foundation Pavilion at Pippen Memorial Park. This new pavilion will be a wonderful compliment to the Footprints in the Sand monument and will be used as a place to hold gatherings for praise and worship. The pavilion is expected to be completed by the end of the year, weather permitting. This new addition to Pippen Memorial Park was made possible through the generous donation from the Charles C. Matthews Foundation.

“We are grateful for the generosity of the Charles C. Matthews Foundation and feel blessed to have such a generous foundation in our community,” said Teresa Dennard, President of the Footprints in the Sand Foundation. “We look forward to seeing the spiritual growth and outreach that will take place with the newest addition to the park.”

Footprints in the Sand Foundation is currently accepting donations for their centurion campaign that is used to help fund the maintenance of the park. If you feel lead to make a donation, contact us at (903) 693-9581, (903) 693-7756 or by mail at Footprints Monument at 808 Ray St, Carthage, Texas, 75633.