The East Texas Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse hosted a free drug disposal bag giveaway Tuesday morning at the Panola County Chamber of Commerce.

Mindy Robertson, the Region 4 Prevention Resource Center Data Coordinator at ETCADA, was present to hand out the Deterra drug disposal bags as well as other resources and pamphlets that ETCADA puts out.

“This is important because we live in a rural community, and lots of people keep prescriptions because they think they’ll need them again, and they expire,” Robertson said. “Also, they get in the wrong hands. 1 in 6 teenagers say that they use other people’s prescriptions to get high — sole purpose for getting high. And it leads to accidents and death and addition, and we want to get them out of the medicine cabinets. We want to get the expired ones away.”

The drug disposal bags are easy and safe to use, Robertson said.

“This can be done at your home,” Robertson said. “It’s landfill safe, and you just throw it away.”

For those who missed the giveaway, ETCADA has given out lots of these drug disposal bags to sheriff’s and police departments in East Texas, including the Panola County Sheriff’s Office and the Carthage Police Department. They also have them on hand in their office.

Call (903) 753-7633 for more information.