Potlatch 2018

Carthage hosted Potlatch 2018 on Saturday, Oct. 13 at the Carthage Civic Center.

Carthage’s annual Potlatch Festival will not take place this October like it has in years’ past thanks to COVID-19.

Carthage Main Street Manager Cindy Deloney said they cancelled it in an overabundance of caution to keep everybody — vendors, guests, volunteers — safe.

“We just thought it was the responsible thing to do right now, and want to try to regroup a little bit and come back stronger next year,” Deloney said. “Potlatch is really important to me and to all the people on the committee, and to not have it one year, it’s sad, but we know it’s the right thing to do, so it’s OK.”

Deloney invited anyone who would like to to get in touch with her, Teresa Dennard or Tommie Ritter Smith if they would like to volunteer to help with next year’s Potlatch.

“We’d love to have their help, their ideas, anything that they want to do, and we’ll start meeting after the first of the year,” Deloney said.