Brandon Seegers’ mom said that he was born wide-eyed and looking around the room, and that was the way he lived his life.

“He loved football, soccer and fishing on the family pond, but really he liked playing with friends on Fortnite,” Trisha Seegers said. “He loved life and lived it like most boys do — wide open. Brandon was hard-headed, but his heart was full of love and compassion. He didn’t like to see others hurt.”

Brandon was a freshman at Carthage High School and No. 27 on the football team. He died Nov. 13 after his ATV crashed just outside the Carthage city limits.

A visitation is planned from 6 to 8 p.m. Monday at Hawthorn Funeral Home, 307 W. Wellington in Carthage. Funeral services have been set at 3 p.m. Tuesday at First Baptist Church in Carthage.

Brandon’s life had an effect on others; Seegers recalled the impact one woman said Brandon made on her own son.

“Brandon had befriended her son because he was being bullied, and Brandon helped him overcome his fear and told him he would always be there for him,” Seegers said. “That’s just who he was.”

In remembering her son Friday, Seegers said they had a morning routine.

“Brandon and I had this morning routine when I would drop him off at school that I would be the last one to say I love you,” she said. “He would come back and say ‘I love you more, Mom,’ and I would say ‘I love you most’ and roll my window up while he gave me that big smile. Brandon loved his friends, but he loved his Mom and Dad bigger.”

Brandon was always determined to be the best, she said.

“One summer Brandon was taking football lessons from Blake Bogenschutz, and Blake would ask him to throw the ball and dead center the hit again,” she said. “He’d move him back to the 30 yard line and again, Brandon hit the target on the goal post. Blake told him if he would do that every Sunday, he’d buy his favorite drink, sweet tea, for him. Blake said after a few weeks that may not have been a great bet because he’s on his third week of free tea. That was his determination on being his best. And he was the best.”