Having an Easter egg hunt while practicing “social distancing” seems like it would be an impossibility.

But that’s not the thinking of one of Carthage’s newest residents.

Kelley Dalton has it set up in her front yard at 305 North Davis Street, where egg hunters can do both.

“It was just eating at me last week that we needed to do something,” said Dalton, who just recently moved to Carthage. “I just wanted to do something for the kids to give them something to do and to give something back to the community.

“I knew that Easter was coming up, and I saw a few things on Facebook that gave me some ideas and I finally came up with this.”

Dalton said she hid 67 eggs on her large front yard, some more visible than others, as well as two golden eggs — one that can be seen pretty easily and one that takes some work to find.

“People can just pull over and park to look for the eggs, or they could take a picture of the yard and go home and blow it up and look at it with better detail,” Dalton said. “I’d also liked to do something with a ‘Where’s Waldo?’ type setup, but you have to worry about trademark infringement. So since Carthage’s mascot is the Bulldog, maybe I’ll hide a couple of them out there.”

Although she just put it up, Dalton said she had already had several people pull up in front of her house to look at the eggs. She planned on leaving them out through Easter (April 12) and possibly for the entire month of April.

“I may set up a community page on Facebook where people can get in contact with each other,” she said. “It’ll be neat for them to be able to share how many eggs they found and how they liked it.

“I’m hoping that doing this will start a tradition.”