Pastor Staten Wright, originally of Carthage, donated needed equipment to the Turner Alumni Association recently.

Carthage native Pastor Staten Wright supported the legacy of the Turner Alumni Association by donating equipment recently.

Pastor Wright along with her husband, the Rev. Benny Wright, brother Greg Staten, and personal assistant Tia Young are traveling throughout the nation sharing her experience in the gospel world sharing her documentary “The Total Experience.”

They recently visited Carthage and donated much needed equipment to the center. When reminiscing about Turner High School, Wright said she has all good memories. She spoke of the old building but was happy to see that the new center is reaching out to the community with various programs.

On Mondays Life Code serves students with empowerment sessions and dinner. Wednesdays at 1 p.m. the seasoned ladies and gentlemen enjoy a light lunch and afterwards the competitive game of Bingo. Various nonprofits have used the center to offer programs, churches/agencies have held many banquets, and some have utilized the center for family reunions and repass services. The Association is hoping to utilize the baseball field more this year and offer tournaments.

For more information, contact President Clara Jones at (904) 754-7242.