music club

Program leader Carlton Shamburger and Hostess Ginger Cook enjoy refreshments during the Carthage Music Club’s latest meeting.

The Carthage Music Club, affiliated with the National and Texas Federation of Music Clubs, held its meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 14 in the Murphy-Payne Room at Panola College.

Dwaine Hubbard, vice president, presided for Stephen George, president.

Program leader Carlton Shamburger’s topic was Music and Visual Arts: A Harmonious Relationship. He played a portion of the music from Peter and the Wolf to show how different tunes and instruments are used for different characters in the play. He explained how architecture, paintings, literature and many other mediums can be used in music selections.

Shamburger used several candles, a painting of the crucifixion and the music, “Jesus, Remember Me” to illustrate the bringing together of all three relationships. Music is the first, the visual picture is second, and words or a narrative is the third part. The program was enjoyed by everyone in the club.

Following refreshments served by Hostess, Ginger Cook, Hubbard presided over the business meeting. Members recited the chapter collect, pledge to the American and the Texas flags, sang the National Anthem and the hymn of the month, ‘Beautiful Dreamer.’ Becky Gullette accompanied on the piano. Hubbard conducted a short business meeting and the meeting was adjourned.