Carthage ISD served 833 students on its first day of the COVID-19 closure, Superintendent John Wink said Monday.

About 30 buses were put into the effort, taking one lunch and one breakfast to children across Panola County.

“I will tell you today was a huge testament to the power of our district,” Wink said.

The food delivery was done by noon, Wink said. He thanked Transportation Director Renee Risinger for organizing the delivery efforts and Sodexo Food Service Manager Lloyd Williams and his staff for the meals.

“The Sodexo team has been a tremendous partner in what we’re doing, and they did an outstanding job getting that together,” Wink said.

Wink said they expect more children to participate as the closures continue.

“We anticipate in the coming days, especially with concerns of food scarcity, we’re going to be serving more children,” Wink said. “So we are ready to meet the charge, and we are going to be doing that in the coming days as long as this school closure is in effect.”