Central Baptist Church’s Serve Weekend, which took place this week, is all about serving like Jesus would.

Their motto for the weekend is ‘nobody loves Carthage like Jesus does,’ said missions pastor and minister of music Collin Perkins.

“We want to serve the community in a way that we would see Jesus serve our community,” Perkins said. “It’s really easy to play church. It’s more difficult to be the church, and so to be the church that means you’ve got to get outside of your walls, you’ve got to go to the people where they’re at and reach them.

“Part of the way we do that is service to our community, and so we’re spending the mornings doing service, and then we’re spending an hour in the afternoons walking through streets in our city, praying over houses,” he said. “Not trying to knock on people’s doors, just hanging a door hanger that says we prayed for your house.”

The team worked at Mission Carthage on Thursday, Davis Park on Friday and Saturday at the Women’s Home. Perkins said they hope to host a service weekend at least quarterly.

“We want to make this something that’s not just a one weekend thing, but that we continuously do that,” he said. “Not for gain for our church, but gain for the kingdom... We’re going to try to start doing it frequently. This is the first serve weekend that we’ve done. Our youth have done something similar in the past. Of course last summer with COVID we didn’t do it, but this one is more open to our adults. So we’ve got some adults here.”

Serving with the group is open to more than just members of Central Baptist. To get involved, email Perkins at collinperkins@centralcarthage.com.

“If they want to join us, come on, we’d love it,” Perkins said. “We’re here not to spread anything about our church, but here to spread the news about Jesus and how he loved those around him, and we want to show that same love to our community and people that are in it.”

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